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How does it sound to use a social network that lets you feel the events atmosphere and engage with participants just like you're there?

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Pictcha Discover Page


Discover hot events that match your interests. “Discover” is a page full of events sorted by your interests, distance and friends activity. This amazing page will let you discover various events and enjoy the ones matching your taste. We promise you’ll check Pictcha several times a day to get updated on top world happenings.

Pictcha Event Page


The event page is full of photos and videos posted by event participants in real time. Tap to view all posts and be sure that you won’t see any unrelated post due to the geo-fencing feature of pictcha, which means that only the ones present at event venue can share posts in event page.

Pictcha Friends Page


Follow your friends and users with same interests as yours and never miss their posts. In “Friends” page you’ll have an updated log of friends’ activities. Track events they attend and new friendships they make.

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